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2 day Orchid Jungle Discovery Explorer

Our Orchid explorer tour will start from Vientiane Laos Orchid Trek, Vientiane Orchidwith a transfer into the Lao countryside. On the first day of our Orchid safari, or Orchid Trek we will visit some famouns and refreshing waterfalls such as Tad Xay and Pha Xay. Especially for nature and flower lovers this special orchid botanical expedition is a real highlight in Laos. We trek through lush green forests and explore the flora and fauna as well as local Lao villages. Here we also come to enjoy a Lao home-stay for the night. On the second day of this rural botanical orchid tour, we change transportation and explore the region on a traditional local long-tail boat and cruise up-stream on the Nam Mang river. From here we commence to another highlight of this tour, the trek to the truly breathtaking viewpoints from the Pha Luang cliff. From here we can enjoy a stunning view over the Mekong basin or valley. On the way back from this Lao adventure to Vientiane, we pass the so called Houay Ki Ling (“Stream of the Monkey Manure”), watch out, there well might be some monkeys to be seen...
Laos Orchid Trek itinerary overview:
Lao Orchid Trek Day 1:
We will leave Vientiane at 7.30 a.m. You will be picked Laos Orchid Hikeing Tour, Orchid Laosup at your hotel in Vientiane or any other place to your convenience and then we drive directly to Ban Hatkhai where our village guides will meet us. Our transport truck then will bring us to Pha Xay waterfall, passing rice fields and beautiful forest. The orchid trek begins at Pha Xay, a ca. 40 m high cliff, only few hundred meter downstream of Tad Xay. We hike along a network of trails in this part of mixed deciduous and evergreen forest and will be guided by local villagers and an orchid expert. You will not only be surprised about the abundance of orchids but get insights into their specific biology and ecology. You will also have the opportunity of getting introduced to many other plants used by the local people for medical purposes or as food supplement. A picnic lunch awaits you in the midst of the forest. In the afternoon our transport brings us back to Ban Hatkhai where we stay over night in a villager’s home, a wonderful home-stay experience.
Activities: about 2 hours drive / 4 hours trekking on the orchid trails
Lao Orchid Trek Day 2:
Leaving the village early, we cruise upstream for about Laos Orchid Hikeing Tour, Orchid Laos45 minutes in a long-tail boat on the beautiful and calm Nam Mang river. We then trek through sometimes dense, sometimes open forest, more or less parallel to the Nam Mang river northwards. The trail up can be in part quite breathtaking. Pha Luang is a huge sandstone plateau about 1000 m a.s.l., with a steep cliff plunging down to the Nam Mang valley, from where we have fantastic views as far as the Mekong Plain and Thailand in the distant mist. The vegetation on the plateau is quite unique. Orchids are not that abundant here, but along the way we will see many plants used by the villagers, and emphasis is put by our expert guide on medicinal plants. Around lunch time, we rest for a while and take a picnic meal at Pha Luang before hiking in a loop further to Houay Ki Ling, a seasonal stream where you – with some luck – may encounter a troupe of macaque monkeys. We then return to the boat which brings us back to Ban Hatkhai. Here our car is ready for the last leg of our tour to bring us back to Vientiane where we arrive around 6.30 in the late afternoon.
Activities: 5 hours trekking on the orchid trek / 
2x 45 minutes boat / 2 hours drive back to Vientiane
What others say:
"This Orchid Tour in Laos was one of the most memorable days on my 17-day journey through Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Laurence and my two local guides were fantastic -- extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the trek. As a disabled person, their willingness to accommodate my use of walking sticks made the trek even more meaningful. By the end of the day, I was exhausted, but pleasantly so. Thanks so much for a day I'll never forget!"
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